Avalanche (2012)

Avalanche is a fun action game people can just pickup and play. The player has to shoot the various gems that are falling down from the top of the screen.
The gems are marked with symbols and the player has to match up the symbol of his ship with the symbol on the gems. 

The speed of the game will automatically increase during gameplay. Shoot strategically and get combos of 4 similar gems in a row to decrease speed and gain extra points.

How to play:
Use keyboard or joystick to control your ship. Left and right movement will move your ship through the different columns, while up and down will change the symbol on your ship. Press fire to shoot.

 Game features:
- Available on Tape and as Digital Download
- Runs on the unexpanded Commodore VIC-20
- Easy to pickup and play type of game
- Multicolored Graphics
- Flickerfree gameplay


Retrogamer magazine, issue 112 :  "A no frills game we found difficult to put down"  - 86% . Read review

RGCD: "A well-designed and fast-paced little game perfectly suited to the machine" - 4 out ot 5 joysticks. Read review.

Commodore Free, issue 65: "it’s this simplicity that leads to some tantalising game play" - 8 / 10



Avalanche Commodore VIC20 title screen Avalanche for the Commodore VIC20 gameplay

Release info:
The full game is available on Cassette Tape and as Digital Download.

You can 0rder the full game on cassette tape for: 7,99 euros, or as digital download for: 3,99 euros by emailing to: sales @ revival-studios.com

If you buy the tape version, you will ofcourse get the digital download for free.

Avalanche for the Commodore VIC 20 packaging