Mage 3: The Final Journey (2014)

Two years ago Wizzy started his quest to find his father in Mage: The Enchanted Crystals.
Last year he got trapped between 2 worlds, but was able to find his way back.
Now his adventure ends here...

mage 3 the final journey

Gameplay wise, the game plays more like the Mage: The Enchanted Crystals than Mage 2: The Dark Mirror, except in a much larger world. There is also the addition of guarded treasure rooms that keep special items such as keys and checkpoint-saves.
At 4 times the size of the original game, the game is the biggest Mage game to date. It is also the first game to feature fully animated double-resolution sprites for all ingame graphics.

Double Resolution Graphics:

Mage 3 is the first Videopac / Odyssey2 game to employ fully animated double-resolution graphics for all ingame objects. This allows for twice the amount of detail of regular videopac sprites!

mage 3 double resolution graphics
Above you will find an illustration of the normal-resolution sprites similar to those from mage1 and mage2 and their new double-resolution counterparts:

Game features:
- Playable on Videopac and Odyssey2 consoles
- High resolution background on Videopac+ consoles
- Large world with more than 60 screens
- Fully animated double resolution ingame sprites
- Multicolored sprites and backgrounds
- Checkpoints to save progress
- Guarded Treasure rooms
- Digitized speech using the voice add-on
- Internet highscore uploading
- Online rewards system


Internet Highscore uploading:
After each game you will be told your highscore and shown a highscore code. This code will allow you to upload your highscores to the internet. 
Now you can compare your scores with players worldwide!

Go to to enter your name and code.

Online rewards:
Besides getting a high score, there are also rewards to be earned for
performing specific tasks in the game. This game contains the following rewards:

[gold]          This is the end - Wizzy completed his journey
[silver]        Last minute rescue - Complete the game with less than 1 minute left
[gold]          O.G. - Finish the game in less than 10 minutes

Besides uploading your highscores as mentioned above, you will also
be able to update your earned rewards online. Rewards are added to any 
rewards achieved at an earlier time, so there is no need to earn all 
rewards in a single playthrough/session.

Release information:
This game is available on cartridge with a limited release of 80 copies.

Packaging photo for the homebrew game Mage 3 for videopac / odyssey2 . Contains cartridge and manual

The game package contains of a Cartridge, manual and index card only. The plastic case can be offered for 3.50 euros

The game has a limited release of 80 copies.

Price: 39 euros.

To order your copy, please mail to:  s a l e s @ r e v i v a l - s t u d i o s . c o m 

Shipping&Handling is a fixed fee of 7 euros worldwide.

Colllectors Edition:
A collectors edition of this game was released with a serialised run of 20, The Collectors Edition includes:

- Collectors Edition cover of the game with index card
- The game cartridge with a unique serialised label
- Plastic refurbished videopac case
- A Silver box with a small canister keychain inside.
- Inside the canister you will find a secret message that will be key to unlocking more content.

All Collectors Editions have sold out.


All programming and graphics by: Martijn Wenting
Thanks to Rene van den Enden for PCB production.