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September 2, 2016

Personal videogame collection for sale

Yes, thats right. I'm selling my personal videogame collections, which happens to be one of the bigger videogame collections in the world. It contains many complete sets of games for Sega consoles (SMS,32X,Saturn,etc.) as well as many other systems like Vectrex, Coleco, Atari, Playstation,etc. as well as many very RARE videogame items. Visit my auctionpage here to bid anonymous on any item you like.


Mage 3: The Final Journey (Videopac / Odyssey2)

Wizzy's Journey comes to an end in this epic third game in the Mage series.

Two years ago Wizzy started his quest to find his father in Mage: The Enchanted Crystals. Last year he got trapped between 2 worlds, but was able to find his way back. Now his adventure ends here...

Homebrew Games

Here is an overview of the homebrew games i have created

In my spare time, i like to develop new games and demos for classic systems like the Atari , Colecovision , Commodore , MSX, Sega , Vectrex, Videopac, ZX81, etc.
Almost all of my games have a physical release on cartridge or cassette tape


Coming soon


Latest release: Shifted

Commodore computers

C64, C16, VIC20, PET

MSX Computers

MSX1 / MSX2 Home computers


Sega SG-1000/SC-3000, Dreamcast


ZX81 / TS1000, ZX Spectrum


Vector gaming at its best

Videopac / Odyssey2

Videopac and Magnavox Odyssey2

Other systems

CHIP-8, MeggyJr and more...